Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Stunning Magdeburg Water Bridge | Germany

The Magdeburg Water Bridge or Kanalbrücke Magdeburg is a large navigable aqueduct in central Germany, located near Magdeburg. The largest canal under-bridge in Europe, it spans the river Elbe and directly connects the Mittellandkanal to the west and Elbe-Havel Canal to the east of the river, allowing large commercial ships to pass between the Rhineland and Berlin without having to descend into and then climb out of the Elbe itself. Magdeburg water bridge , whose construction lasted from 1997 to 2003 - one of the most important waterways in Germany. The need for it is long overdue , however, the First, Second , and behind them the Cold War and the division of Germany was not allowed to bring into effect a plan of construction . And only with the unification of Germany two major German channel - Elbe-Havel and Mittelland - were connected water bridge , and hence much simpler way from the inland port of Berlin to the ports on the Rhine.

It stretches for 918 meters Magdeburg water bridge caught the title of the longest bridge in the world of water from the aqueduct French Briard , which he held more than a hundred years. German engineering marvel no less impressive Germans and German guests than their British Aqueduct Pontkisillte or Union Canal in Scotland with its navigable aqueducts , one of which operates the famous Falkirk Wheel .

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