Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amazing Inventions Made By Kids

Makin' Bacon

The imagination of a kid can be pretty big. Sometimes a better way of doing things is more easily spotted from their fresh eyes. Here are 10 examples of great inventions made by kids.
First up is the Makin' Bacon tray. Abbey Fleck was just 8 when she realized that a better, healthier way of cooking bacon was by letting the bacon cook while a tray underneath collected the grease. Working with her father, Abbey created and patented a microwave safe device that became a huge hit.

Man Can

Scented candles are nothing new but at 13, Hart Main decided that there was a market for more masculine scented versions. Man Can was born with just $100 bucks. These candles are made with real soup cans purchased locally with its contents donated to area soup kitchens.

Water Talkie

When Richie Stachowski was only 11, he invented a way people to talk to each other while underwater. Using his own money, Richie built a prototype and pitched it to Toys R Us. The company ordered 50,000 units and the product took off.


At 16, George Nissen invented the trampoline with stretched canvas and a pile of materials he took from the local junk yard. He continued to refine the design with the help of his gymnastics coach, Larry Griswold. They began using nylon instead and the was trampoline invented. This fun toy is now a staple of suburban neighborhoods everywhere.

KidKare Ride On Car

When Spencer Whale was 6 years old, he observed children struggling to play while connected to life-saving equipment at a children's hospital. He went home and designed a toy car that incorporated an IV pole so the children would be able to play and get the medicine they needed. Across the country, many children's hospitals use his KidKare cars and trucks.


Louis Braille came up with a system that would allow blind people to read when he was just a teen in the 1800s. At the time, he was studying in Paris at The National Institute for Blind Youth when he came up with what we now know as Braille. This system is now used all over the world.


Kathryn Gregory was only 10 years old when she came up with idea for Wristies. At the time, she was outside building a snow fort when her wrists began hurting due to the cold weather. The fingerless wrist glove was born and now, at 28, she is president of the Maine based company.


The popsicle was an accident by 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905. One cold night, Epperson left powdered soda, water and a stick outdoors. He awoke the next day and the popsicle was born. Now, hundreds of thousands of these delicious accidents are sold and enjoyed every year.

Early TV Tech

Over the years, many inventors came up with the technology that made the television a household item. At 15, Philo T. Farnsworth had numerous sketches and designs for the television. Many of his designs were used. By the time he passed away, over 100 components he held patents for were in the average TV.

Ear Muffs

Chester Greenwood came up with the idea for ear muffs while ice skating in his home state of Maine. With a 2-wire band, he asked his grandmother to sew some fur lining to cover his ears. The invention is now widely used during winters the world over. Maine is proud of him, too, so each year they celebrate Chester Greenwood Day.

Weird Things Girls Do When Guys Aren't Around

Don't Shave

Women are like one big giant mystery to men and I'm about to let you in on some of that mystery! Here are some of the strange things that women get up to when men aren't around.
I swear it seems like guys think all women should be completely hairless (except their heads) at all times. But what you guys may not be aware of is that when it is the middle of winter and we can wear long pants and we don't have a boyfriend, we often go days if not weeks without shaving our legs

Check Out Other Girls

When girls get together, we often spend a lot of time checking out the relative hotness of the other girls around us. And no, before you get too excited, it doesn't mean that we are all secretly lesbians or bisexual and we want to get with them. Sometimes it is to check out what other girls are wearing or how they are doing their hair so we can get tips, but mostly it is to make sure no one else is hotter than us! And if they are, we will find something to gripe about her to our friends!

No Bra

I'm not sure if you guys are fully aware of exactly how uncomfortable wearing a bra is. Imagine if you had to wear a jock strap every time you left the house! That's why most of the time when we girls get inside and we are alone, the first thing we do is take that uncomfortable thing off!

Skip Showers

Women are so busy and there are so many products on the market to help us out in this department that we often will skip a shower (or at least washing our hair) and you will never know about it. I mean, what exactly do you think dry shampoo is for anyway?


I mean, I know that you guys know that we eat but a lot of times in front of a guy a girl will just order a salad or pick at her food. But don't be mistaken, most girls know how to put away some food when they are alone! This is often something we don't even do in front of other girls, but believe me, we are just as capable as you of eating a whole bag of Doritos or cookies, especially if it's close to "that" time of the month.

Tell Our Best Friend

Women usually have a lot of friends, but we generally have one best friend that has been around through everything and will be there until the end, long after you are probably gone and out of our lives. We know this. That is why we tell our best friends everything. Yes, that. And that, too. Basically, if you don't want her best friend knowing about it, don't tell your girlfriend about it. And don't get mad at your girlfriend about this. It is an unspoken BFF code and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Wear Your Clothes

Sometimes we like to wear your clothes when we aren't around you, but only if we really love you. It comforts us to smell you when you are away and nothing is better than snuggling up in your t-shirt when we can't have the real thing.


Women fantasize too, though it's probably a lot different than what men fantasize about. Don't get me wrong, women can fantasize about sex sometimes, but mostly we fantasize about what it will be like when a boy asks us out and what the date will be like. We will overanalyze and plan for every contingency way before it even happens. We'll also often fantasize about what it will be like to be married to him or have his babies, sometimes before the first date!

Googled Your Exes

Women are infamous for Googling a current boyfriend's exes. You have to check out the competition, right? But it often doesn't stop there, especially if more than one girl gets in on the covert ops. They can start Googling boys they like, boys they are dating, exes to see who they are dating now. We've gotten so good at tracking people down, we are practically qualified to work for the CIA!


Let's face it, women's underwear and bras suck. When no one is looking women often have to sneak a moment to adjust things so they are back where they should be again. This can even go as far as sticking our hands down our shirt and picking the girls back up and setting them down in their proper place in the bra again. Ah, now they look better!

Take Selfies

Of course you know we take selfies, we post them all the time! But you may not be aware of exactly how many selfies are taken before we finally get one that we deem good enough to actually share with the world. And even those are generally digitally altered in some way to make us look even better.


When a bunch of girls get together for a girls night, we will often get into makeover mode. This usually starts off with face masks. Then we will spend a lot of time doing our own or each other's hair and makeup, trying out crazy things we never tried before. The strangest thing about this? We usually never even leave the house after all of this so it was basically all for nothing! Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go!


Probably not every girl likes to do this, but most girls like to sing along to all of their favorite songs as soon as they are alone or within the protective company of their best friends. It doesn't matter if it is completely off key, as long as most of the words are right and you are loud. Watch out if a group of girls gets together for a group singalong!

Pee With the Door Open

If it's just all girls around, we'll often just go pee with the door open. We don't want to miss any of the conversation or the end of our favorite reality TV show!

Pillow Fight!

Just kidding. Sorry guys, in reality girls do not break out into a spontaneous pillow fight every time they are stuck in a bedroom together. That's only in your sick minds.

Monday, May 26, 2014

14 Awesome Couple's Tattoos

Mickey and Minnie

A classic love story, Mickey and Minnie make adorable matching tattoos.

Eric and Arielle

Calling all Disney fans! This classic Disney moment comes together when the two of you are together.

Small and sweet

Choose a discreet little symbol made for only the two of you to see with this simple little heart!

So much more than a tee shirt

Let everyone know you're taken- and make sure everyone knows your better half is taken. These tattoos say it all.


Like bookends, you and your significant other share so many things between you. Show it with complementary parentheses tattoos.

Say it loud and proud

Classic. Have this simple phrase inscribed in your partners handwriting for a customized reminder...

Link loves Zelda

If she's the Zelda to your link, show her with this icon from the 90s.

Follow me

Would you follow your love anywhere? This script and freeform heart comes together across two arms for a unique tattoo.

Key to your heart

Does someone have the key to your heart? Make him wear it on his sleeve!


What's better than a secret message, spelled out when you hold the hands of the love of your life? Nothing!

PacMan fans

If you love arcade games and you love your significant other, this tattoo may be the one for you!

Superhero love

For the action-packed romance, choose something like this Batman-themed scene.

8 Of The Biggest Marketing Fails

In at number 1, Sheet Energy Strips

Sheet is a company that provides little dissolvable sheets that you put on your tongue which give you energy. A very big and popular product amongst famous sports stars and musicians, a product to rival the very popular energy drinks market. So you would think for their big billboard campaign they would use one of their celebrity endorsements, or some very cool Nike esk speedy action shots of one of their famous sport stars, e.g. “LeBron James I can’t play without it.” But no they went for…

Yes that’s right the copywriter came up with the line, “I take a sheet in the pool.” Which is just fantastic. This advertisement is either marketing genius or just a quite monumental fail. If the marketers have thought let’s go with this as it will grab people’s attention and will go viral as a ‘look at this mistake’ then they could be geniuses, but the chances are that is not true and it is quite a big costly and messy mistake.

Number 2, La Redoute

The stylish trendy French fashion chain made quite a big splash when they released their new collection of clothes, a bigger and stranger splash than they had hoped. They released a catalogue of their new exciting range which they sent to all their customers, along with updating their website with all the new lovely garments and lovely imagery. However the devil is in the detail, and the devil in this story is not wearing any clothes and lurking in the back of your photos…

So the moral of this story is to always check that there is not a naked Frenchman or any nationality for that matter in the background of your photos.

Number 3, Daily Mirror

There is now lots of money being spent on the phycology behind products and product placement with big brands. What height are women most likely to look at on the shelf? What colour packaging is most likely to attract the male eye? When it comes to supermarkets thousands is put into this, they tend to start with the fresher items by the doors, your fruit, veg and flowers, to give off a healthy clean image. Then your more confectionary items nearer the tills as they are more of an impulse buy. Unfortunately for ASDA this very careful approach to placement was not taken by the designers at the Daily Mirror newspaper…

Number 4, Susan Boyle

Now like one of our previous posts this could be absolute genius from her marketing team, or it could be a very unfortunate mix of letters. Susan Boyle took the nation and world by storm with her beautiful sing song on one of those extremely popular singing contests, it was either X-factor, Britain’s ran out of talent, or I’m Simon Cowell how much money can you make me. One of or all of the above we can’t remember. So when her eagerly awaited album came out, her and her team wanted to have a launch party. They took to twitter to advertise this party but unfortunately the hashtag they used to promote it didn’t quite get the targeted party attendees they were after…

So is this marketing genius with the #sus anal bum party? Or is it an unfortunate mistake and actually promoting #susan album party? You decide.

Number 5, Starbucks

This marketing fail is slightly unfortunate for the company in question. Starbucks have had pretty bad press in the last couple of months over here in the UK and this one almost feels like a Banksy style dig at the brand but it turns out it is just one of their vans making a delivery…

We are sure there will not be an overwhelming amount of sympathy for this one.

Number 6, Turkish Airlines

When it comes to airlines, airports and aeroplanes then there are certain things and subjects that marketers need to keep well away from. We all know this and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure these out, but the Turkish Airlines promotion in this airport could of been changed slightly to make the travelers a bit more at ease with their up and coming journey…

Even for the most frequent of flyers this might make them a little nervy.

Number 7, Work Safe

This is more about placement rather than execution, and unfortunately Work Safe couldn’t of done much about it. Work Safe is a company that deals with safety at the workplace, whether it be kit or insurance. They produced a rather powerful and heart felt campaign which was placed up on big billboards around Australia. Unfortunately for Work Safe you don’t know what advertisements are going to go up in front, around or behind your billboard…

The advertising line of “Where’s daddy?” is rather taken out of context when you see the advertising billboard behind for the lap dancing club Spearmint Rhino.

Number 8, Wildrose

Now politicians are quite well know for making mistakes particularly in the UK, whether it be claiming for a moat or punching and egger in the face, they are prone to one every now and again. Wildrose are a political party in Canada who have a leader called Danielle Smith and with the elections coming up they decide to get some big political party buses up and running to promote her and the party. However I am not sure this is the kind of thing she would of wanted…

Not particularly what you want when you are trying to get people to take you seriously in what can be a very male dominated environment.

15 Super Creative Billboard Advertisements Around The World

Nowadays, it is all about marketing your product and if you can’t do that, then it doesn’t matter what kind of a breakthrough you have managed or what you have achieved; your invention/idea will just not catch on. We have a compiled a list of 15 ads which are ingenious and quite powerful. Check these out and tell us which one is your favourite.

15. Nike Ad

14. Miele Vacuum Cleaner

13. Hunger in Africa – Think

12. Puzzle Ad

11. IKEA Ad

10. Lego

9. Adidas

8. Hot Wheels

7. Spicy Henz Ketchup

6. Post it

5. Alteco Super Glue

4. Pet Shop

3. Karate Centre

2. Be Patient

1. Immodium