Sunday, June 29, 2014

WTF Wedding Photos

#1 The Bridal Party

We've been to plenty of weddings and we don't remember any underwear. What part of the ceremony is this again?

#2 Runaway Bride

This is weird and we totally want in.

#3 Before the Vows

Shouldn't the topless part happen after the ceremony?

#4 "Dearly Beloved"

They're letting porpoises officiate weddings now? BRB gonna go tie the knot.


Well this wedding could have ended better.

#6 The Bride/Groom

Aw! Doesn't s/he make a lovely couple!

#7 Holy Sacrifices

Yes, that tub is filled with blood. No, we have no idea why.

#8 Smell My Crown

We have so many questions for every single person in this picture.

#9 Perfect Match

No two people in the world were ever better suited for one another. It's pretty romantic if you think about it.

#10 Ski Ceremony

We don't read Russian, but we're pretty sure that sign says "Crazy Weddings Around the Corner."

The Craziest Tattoos On Women

#1 Something About Her Father

Coming to a stripper near you.

#2 Pits Anyone?

#3 Thirsty Fans Be Like...

#4 There You Go, David


#6 Seems Legit



#9 Big If True

#10 Sexy!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Normal Pictures That Were Banned from Facebook

That's An Elbow

These 15 completely normal pictures were all banned from Facebook for no good reason at all! Click through to see all these innocent photos that the popular social media site removed.
If Facebook can't tell the difference between an elbow and a breast, maybe they need to go back to sex education class!

Half a Woman

Facebook doesn't like creepy photoshopped pictures? That's the only explanation because there is absolutely nothing else wrong with this photo!

Bath Time

This photo does look naughty at a glance, but whoever decides what pictures to ban has obviously never seen an actual breast in real life. Facebook obviously has a thing for elbows.

Kylie's Bear

Facebook is the only one having dirty thoughts looking at this picture of Kylie Minogue and her Teddy.

Baby Grayson

Just because the pictues of baby Grayson Walker are hard to look at doesn't mean that Facebook had to remove them entirely. It's like he's being bullied as soon as he's born!

Effin Facebook

This woman, Ann Marie Kennedy, had to fight for an entire year to get her town Effin, Ireland to be recognized by Facebook and to get them to stop banning pictures with the towns perfectly innocent name.

Stop Holding Your Baby!

Facebook has gone so crazy banning photos of mom's breastfeeding left and right that they didn't stop to see that this mom is just holding her baby, not breastfeeding it.

What Breasts?

Facebook banned this photo under their policy of no breastfeeding pictures, too. But no one in this picture even has breasts! It's just two kids playing around.

Watch Where You Pee

Facebook banned this picture of two little boys peeing against a fence even though it was already censored by the poster so you couldn't see anything at all! Perhaps they were making a judgment about where they were peeing?

Fat Belly

Before you post a picture of your belly to Facebook, you'd better start working out! They apparently don't appreciate people flaunting their fat guts.

Men in Love

Straight people can post pictures of themselves kissing all over and Facebook doesn't care but this perfectly innocent photo of two men kissing got them all up in arms and they banned it for no good reason than it made them uncomfortable.

Down With Down's Syndrome

A woman was banned entirely from Facebook after posting pictures of her son who has Down's Syndrome which Facebook deemed "inappropriate".

Michele Bachman and a Corndog

To be fair, no one else really wants to watch Michele Bachman eat a corndog either, but that's not really a good reason to ban it from Facebook and block the poster, comedian Shann Carr, from posting.

Breastfeeding Art

Instead of just admitting that they had a problem with these paintings by artist Kate Hansen of breastfeeding mothers, they instead claimed they accidentally removed three pictures, three times.

Men in Love Part 2

Now it's getting ridiculous. Facebook is really giving off the impression that they have an anti-gay agenda by blocking all of these pictures of men kissing!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Super Cool Services By Google That You Never Heard Of Before

Coops Paint Nationwide Insurance

Coops Paint poured out of a giant can and down the side of the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The bright yellow paint even flooded the parking lot -- covering cars, as well as the parking attendant's shelter. It was all part of a clever, attention-grabbing "Life comes at you fast" advertisement for Nationwide Insurance.

Allstate Insurance Marina Car

Here's why you need great auto insurance! This ad for Allstate auto insurance has an actual car dangling from the parking garage of the Marina Towers in downtown Chicago. It looks as if it is about to plummet to the ground!

Nike Ball

There's no way you'd miss this building advertisement. The enormous Nike ball looks like it has smashed into the building and become stuck! The ad was to promote the World Cup.

Pantene Really Strong Hair

Pantene set out to prove that it really does make your hair really strong. So they attached this really large braided ponytail to a building in Toronto. Then climbers clambered up it, Rapunzel-style. It was certainly an eye-catching ad!

Coca-Cola Refresh on the Side of Life

This Coca-Cola "Refresh on the side of life" building advertisement is simple, but effective. You can almost imagine someone on the other side of that window drinking through the straw and draining the bottle.

Powerhouse Gym

These clever ads for Powerhouse Gym incorporate a building that is under construction. They make it appear as if the bodybuilder is actually power lifting heavy materials from the construction site.

Alco Wash Me

This highrise building ad is a clever take on a dirty car window. Lavame translates to "wash me." It's advertising Alco cleaning products.

Penline Strong Tape

Simple, but it gets the message across in a clever way! This ad for Penline shows just how strong this duct tape is -- enough to hold the banner onto the side of this building!

Anando Milk Kid

This ad for Anando Milk in Mumbai, India shows just how strong kids might be if they drink more milk. Strong enough to move part of the building the ad is on!

Siemens Mixer

The giant Siemens mixer plastered onto the wall of this building looks very realistic. It cleverly blends the rotating doors of the building into the ad design.

Mini Cooper Vending Machine

In this cool building-side ad, colorful Mini Coopers become items in a vending machine. Makes buying a Mini Cooper seem that much easier!

Axe Calendar

This Axe calendar ad was placed on a female dorm building. The idea is that you can meet a new girl every day simply by using Axe. You wish!

Nike Run Through the Wall

Nike's "Run through the wall" ad covered not just one, but two buildings. The cracked outline makes it appear as if the runner ran right through the wall of the first building. The second building has the picture of the actual runner, complete with Nike logo. Clever!

Kill Bill Volume 1

This gory ad was used to promote a TV screening of the movie 'Kill Bill: Volume 1.' It splattered realistic-looking blood onto an Auckland, New Zealand street and several cars. Do you think they went too far?

Midea Powerful Fan

The Haitong building in Shanghai, China has a unique curved shape at the top. Which is why it's perfect for placing a Midea advertisement on the adjacent building. It make it seems like the waviness of the building is caused by the electric fan.

Lego Brick Building

This Lego ad on a building in Chile was cleverly made to fit in with the existing panels of the building. The building now looks as if it might plausibly have been made out of Lego bricks.

Discovery Channel Shark

To mark the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, a giant inflatable shark was attached to the Discovery Communications HQ building in Silver Spring, Maryland. This particular shark apparently goes by the nickname "Chompie."