Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 14 Trendiest Tattoos for 2014


Looking to get a new tattoo in 2014? Make sure it's one of these trendy designs to make all your friends jealous of your ink!
Moons have always a safe tattoo choice, but it's really surging in popularity right now. The Moon is a symbol for dreams, feminine power, mysticism, and time.

Matching Couples

If you and your special someone have a timeless connection, then make it permanent with matching tattoos! Hearts or locks and keys and the most popular choices, but there are enless options.

3D Illusions

3D tattoos are the latest and greatest thing in the tattoo world. They trick your brain by adding fake shadows to simulate depth.

Infinity Symbols

The infinity symbol represents an endless cycle or unlimited time. It's most often used to represent family and friends.

Pixel Art

Even though video games have advanced 3D graphics these days, there's still something charming about those classic 2D characters. Pixel art tattoos are simply oversized versions of these old video game sprites.


Arrows are one of the hottest new tattoo trends, and there are all sorts of design variations you can use. The arrow is meant to represent the feeling of moving forward in your life, but it can also represent power.


Trees are a symbol that represents life, wisdom, and growth. In addition, different types of tree can have more specific meanings.

Watercolor Designs

An emerging trend is tattoos that look like watercolor paintings. These incredible works of art are the perfect way to show off your individuality.


Feathers have been a popular tattoo choice for the past few years, and that's going to continue in 2014. In general, they represent freedom and flight, but the type of feather makes a big difference.


Elephants have randomly popped up as a hot new tattoo trend. The elephant is a symbol of love, strength, and loyalty.

Compass Roses

One of the most classic tattoos of all time is the compass rose. This timeless design has an obvious tie to sailing and the sea, but it also provides direction and purpose.


In an age of digital communication, it's pretty cool to see the postmark become a trendy tattoo. This stamp is a cool way to remember your hometown if you've moved.

Music Scores

Music notes have always been a popular tattoo choice, but music scores are the new trend. Pick out the best part of your favorite song and get a tattoo of the sheet music.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs make for some pretty intense tattoos. They use solid lines and shapes to create incredible designs that can even look 3D.

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