Sunday, June 29, 2014

WTF Wedding Photos

#1 The Bridal Party

We've been to plenty of weddings and we don't remember any underwear. What part of the ceremony is this again?

#2 Runaway Bride

This is weird and we totally want in.

#3 Before the Vows

Shouldn't the topless part happen after the ceremony?

#4 "Dearly Beloved"

They're letting porpoises officiate weddings now? BRB gonna go tie the knot.


Well this wedding could have ended better.

#6 The Bride/Groom

Aw! Doesn't s/he make a lovely couple!

#7 Holy Sacrifices

Yes, that tub is filled with blood. No, we have no idea why.

#8 Smell My Crown

We have so many questions for every single person in this picture.

#9 Perfect Match

No two people in the world were ever better suited for one another. It's pretty romantic if you think about it.

#10 Ski Ceremony

We don't read Russian, but we're pretty sure that sign says "Crazy Weddings Around the Corner."

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