Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Normal Pictures That Were Banned from Facebook

That's An Elbow

These 15 completely normal pictures were all banned from Facebook for no good reason at all! Click through to see all these innocent photos that the popular social media site removed.
If Facebook can't tell the difference between an elbow and a breast, maybe they need to go back to sex education class!

Half a Woman

Facebook doesn't like creepy photoshopped pictures? That's the only explanation because there is absolutely nothing else wrong with this photo!

Bath Time

This photo does look naughty at a glance, but whoever decides what pictures to ban has obviously never seen an actual breast in real life. Facebook obviously has a thing for elbows.

Kylie's Bear

Facebook is the only one having dirty thoughts looking at this picture of Kylie Minogue and her Teddy.

Baby Grayson

Just because the pictues of baby Grayson Walker are hard to look at doesn't mean that Facebook had to remove them entirely. It's like he's being bullied as soon as he's born!

Effin Facebook

This woman, Ann Marie Kennedy, had to fight for an entire year to get her town Effin, Ireland to be recognized by Facebook and to get them to stop banning pictures with the towns perfectly innocent name.

Stop Holding Your Baby!

Facebook has gone so crazy banning photos of mom's breastfeeding left and right that they didn't stop to see that this mom is just holding her baby, not breastfeeding it.

What Breasts?

Facebook banned this photo under their policy of no breastfeeding pictures, too. But no one in this picture even has breasts! It's just two kids playing around.

Watch Where You Pee

Facebook banned this picture of two little boys peeing against a fence even though it was already censored by the poster so you couldn't see anything at all! Perhaps they were making a judgment about where they were peeing?

Fat Belly

Before you post a picture of your belly to Facebook, you'd better start working out! They apparently don't appreciate people flaunting their fat guts.

Men in Love

Straight people can post pictures of themselves kissing all over and Facebook doesn't care but this perfectly innocent photo of two men kissing got them all up in arms and they banned it for no good reason than it made them uncomfortable.

Down With Down's Syndrome

A woman was banned entirely from Facebook after posting pictures of her son who has Down's Syndrome which Facebook deemed "inappropriate".

Michele Bachman and a Corndog

To be fair, no one else really wants to watch Michele Bachman eat a corndog either, but that's not really a good reason to ban it from Facebook and block the poster, comedian Shann Carr, from posting.

Breastfeeding Art

Instead of just admitting that they had a problem with these paintings by artist Kate Hansen of breastfeeding mothers, they instead claimed they accidentally removed three pictures, three times.

Men in Love Part 2

Now it's getting ridiculous. Facebook is really giving off the impression that they have an anti-gay agenda by blocking all of these pictures of men kissing!

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