Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meet the Woman Who is Auctioning Off Her Virginity Online.

#1 Meet "Elizabeth Raine"

Elizabeth (not her real name) is a medical student who has decided to auction off her virginity online.

#2 A Little Shy

She was hiding her face in hopes to remain anonymous, but recently has decided to reveal herself.

#3 Outing Herself

She decided the best way to attract higher bids was to show her face to skeptical potential customers.

#4 Red Dress Before

Here we can see the original photo in which she's hiding her face.

#5 Red Dress After

And now the original photo to prove she's legit.

#6 Headed Down Under

The sex act will take place in Australia, where prostitution is legal. Financial gain is the Number 1 reason listed on Elizabeth's website, followed by adventure, eroticism, scandal, and absurdity.

#7 High Bids

Currently the leading bid is at $550,000. Wow.

#8 Rules of Engagement

The winning bidder must prove that he has no STD's, be willing to wear a condom, and be sober at the time of the encounter.

#9 Genius?

Elizabeth is currently pursuing a medical degree and a PHD, and has two Bachelor degrees in Biology and Engineering.

#10 Want to Bid?

If you want to spend over half a million dollars for one night with Elizabeth, feel free to visit her website at http://www.elizabeth-raine.com/

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