Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meanwhile in Russia...

Vintage Cars

Want a sexy pic next to a muscle car? In Russia, you may have to settle for ANY car.

Russian Jacuzzi

A Russian Jacuzzi may sound like some sort of nasty sex move, but it is actually a crane with a fire burning under the scooper, pure architectural genius!

Dances With Bears

This picture is not real, riding a bear is one of the few things Vlad Putin cannot do. The man is a legend, a myth, a man.

Just Your Average Garage

Wait, your garage doesn't look like this? Get on Putin's level, kiddo.

Guitar Diplomacy

Whenever the terrorists come, or if they do, the Power of Rock is going to be an unstoppable force, you bet on it!

That Makes Sense

That definitely explains a WHOLE LOT about just what the hell is going on in Russia. Even with the booze, this is beyond weird.

Pussy Machine

If you knew how many times this stretch pink Russian custom limo has gotten Evgeni laid you wouldn't be laughing.

No Photoshop

A Walrus on a submarine? Just an average day in our favorite Eastern European bizzaro world, Russia. No dead walrus, no victory!

Windows 98

This guy gives a new meaning to the Windows operating system. It's Russia's spin on Bill Gates' classic computer software.

Sergei and the Bear

Ah, Russia, you are hilarious. A guy chasing a bear with a miniature baseball bat? Legendary stuff, let's make this into a movie ASAP!

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