Monday, May 26, 2014

14 Awesome Couple's Tattoos

Mickey and Minnie

A classic love story, Mickey and Minnie make adorable matching tattoos.

Eric and Arielle

Calling all Disney fans! This classic Disney moment comes together when the two of you are together.

Small and sweet

Choose a discreet little symbol made for only the two of you to see with this simple little heart!

So much more than a tee shirt

Let everyone know you're taken- and make sure everyone knows your better half is taken. These tattoos say it all.


Like bookends, you and your significant other share so many things between you. Show it with complementary parentheses tattoos.

Say it loud and proud

Classic. Have this simple phrase inscribed in your partners handwriting for a customized reminder...

Link loves Zelda

If she's the Zelda to your link, show her with this icon from the 90s.

Follow me

Would you follow your love anywhere? This script and freeform heart comes together across two arms for a unique tattoo.

Key to your heart

Does someone have the key to your heart? Make him wear it on his sleeve!


What's better than a secret message, spelled out when you hold the hands of the love of your life? Nothing!

PacMan fans

If you love arcade games and you love your significant other, this tattoo may be the one for you!

Superhero love

For the action-packed romance, choose something like this Batman-themed scene.

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